The Importance of Childbirth Education

childbirth education


I am crazy passionate about shining a light on the incredible impact that evidence-based childbirth education can have, from grassroots movements to big-picture changes in maternity health and advocacy.


Even after almost six decades, the goals of childbirth education haven’t changed much. What’s exciting now is that we have solid research backing up the value of understanding the natural process of labor and birth, along with the practices that support it. 


Here are some legit ways that childbirth education can be a game-changer during pregnancy:


Key benefits of Childbirth education (CBE)


  1. Increased Chances of Natural Birth


Yep, you read that correctly. Taking a private childbirth education class actually ups your odds of a smooth, unassisted vaginal delivery and decreases your chances of unnecessary medical interventions. Solid CBE preps you for a positive birth experience by making sure you’re aware of all your choices along the way. 


What do I mean when I say ‘private’ childbirth education? 


Let me put it this way…if you’re banking on taking the free hospital-sponsored birth class suggested by your doc, consider the intention behind the content. I hate to say it, but you know I’m going to anyway- 


Hospitals prefer to teach you how to be an ‘easy’ patient. Very often I hear a story similar to this one:


“When I stepped into the hospital for my first baby’s birth, I had no clue about what awaited me. Despite reading books and attending the standard hospital birthing class with my husband, we were blindsided by the challenges of giving birth in a flawed healthcare system. The experience left me pressured into unnecessary interventions, resulting in preventable complications, a traumatic birth, and hours of separation from my newborn. This led me to dig into the research post-birth, only to discover that much of what happened wasn’t evidence-based but rather driven by hospital traditions and norms.” -Rebecca Dekker 


Vet your childbirth prep program the way you would research your pregnancy coach, Doula, or your provider. 


  1. Building Your Support Squad


These classes aren’t just about facts; they’re about forging connections with other parents-to-be. You’ll find a tribe to share the journey with, and that kind of support is priceless- especially postpartum. It’s not a coincidence that for decades the midwifery model of care prioritized ‘centering,’ which was essentially group prenatal appointments for pregnant mothers. Hearing questions and insights from fellow moms can open your mind to different perspectives. 


  1. Becoming a Maternity Care Expert


When you’re clued in about your options and rights, you can advocate (and so can your partner) like a pro during birth, ensuring you get the care you want and need. I should also mention that I’m a big fan of CBE programs that put these skills to use, such as role-playing possible scenarios, and participating in some real-deal practice. As a childbirth educator, you better believe I encourage my students to acknowledge their intuition and speak up about their preferences. 


  1. Less Fear, More Trust


Having a clear understanding of your body and the birth environment can alleviate anxiety regarding medical interventions, leading to greater trust in both yourself and your healthcare team. Finding calm and comfort leads to a boost in the flow of oxytocin too!


  1. Pain Management Power 


Learning techniques to manage labor pain can make a world of difference in how you experience childbirth – it’s all about feeling empowered and in control. Education on non-drug comfort measures such as Hypnobirthing, can lead to fewer interventions during birth and better outcomes for your newborn.


In a nutshell, childbirth education isn’t just about absorbing facts; it’s about gaining practical skills and tools to rock your undisturbed, natural birth. If you’re craving an empowering birth experience, you know you can’t shy away from thorough preparation. 


98.4% of births in the US happen in the hospital, and the care system can heavily influence how informed and supported women feel at their birth. That’s why top-notch childbirth education is key, helping to prepare women to take the driver’s seat in their care and navigate the system effectively.


This is exactly why I’ve designed a birth prep program to guide you through evidence-based care, effective comfort measures, and advocacy, ensuring you approach your birth and parenting journey with a strong mindset and the tools to call the shots. 


I’m committed to being by your side every step of the way, amplifying your intuition! Whether you’re ready to check CBE off of your to-do list, or maybe you’re just curious at this point, join the waitlist here. 


-Coach Lisa



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