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How this Tool Works

Working with a pregnancy coach requires significant introspection and reflection. Your coach will guide you through the process of investigating and transforming both your fears and confidence around pregnancy and birth. This assessment can help you decide whether to invest your time, energy, and effort into coaching during your prenatal journey.

Rate each statement on a scale of 1-5, with 5 representing statements you agree with most. Choose the number that best describes your current behaviors, feelings, and thoughts at this moment in your life.

I believe I am capable of having an empowering birth experience.
I am ready to search internally and address what fears I may have about pregnancy and birth.
I want to believe that there are lessons to be learned from all of my experiences.
I hope to work toward accepting that I can only control my response to situations.
I can afford to focus more on self-care rather than self-control.
I am interested in learning more about evidence based birth.
I want to explore more ways to cope when I feel anxiety about my baby’s well-being.
I would like to feel less anxious about pain during birth.
I hope to better trust my body and its ability to birth my baby.
I want to learn to listen more closely to my intuition.
I want to know that my voice will be heard when it comes to my medical care.
I want more confidence in speaking up for my rights as a patient in the medical model.
I would like more tools to have a collaborative and mutually respectful conversation with my provider about my birth wishes.
I want more tools to advocate for myself and my baby against unwanted birth interventions.
I want to draw strength from the experiences of birthers who came before me who birthed their babies without trauma.
I could better nourish my body by honoring my hunger.
I want to believe that I truly deserve support throughout pregnancy, birth, and parenthood.
I am struggling to accept and appreciate my changing pregnant body.
I want to be able to release my expectations and make flexible and educated decisions in the moment about my birth.
I can work more on letting go of stress.
I want to put my mental and emotional well-being first on a regular basis.
I would like to set time aside to evaluate what I need and want.
I want to feel more comfortable setting boundaries with my family.
I am ready right now to dedicate the time and energy to caring for myself and my baby.
I want to work towards believing an empowering birth is possible despite the outcome.
I want to be able to “trust the process.”

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