Embracing Hypnobirthing: A Journey of Mindfulness and Intuition



When I first heard the term “hypnobirthing,” I’ll admit, it sounded a bit.. out there. The idea of sitting cross-legged and chanting “ohms” felt more like a scene from a movie than a practical approach to birth. Not really ‘my thing.’


Until I stumbled upon the evidence – the science behind it all. Whoa! I couldn’t stop reading. It was a black hole of enlightenment. The concept of hypnobirthing and its connection between the mind and body was screaming at me. So, I invite you to keep your mind and your heart open as we explore this hypnobirthing world together. At the end of the day, hypnobirthing holds the promise of a more serene and positive birth experience. Who doesn’t want that?


Before we get into the facts though, we have to address the big fat elephant: The Medical Monster


The majority of women (98.4% to be exact) birth in a hospital, where fear seems to be running the show. Where fear often overshadows the excitement and joy that should come with bringing new life into the world. Just think about it – how often do we see depictions of hospital childbirth in movies or on TV where the woman is screaming in pain, yelling at her partner? It’s not exactly inspiring confidence, is it? And those images? They’re powerful. They seep into our subconscious, even when we consciously know birth can be a positive experience. But deep down, those stories – especially when they come from people we trust – can leave us feeling terrified.


It’s like this never-ending cycle of fear, tension, and pain. The more afraid we are, the tenser we become, which only leads to more pain. And for some people, living like this is their everyday reality. So how do we break the cycle?


Understanding the Science Behind Hypnobirthing


Birth begins in the brain. As the prefrontal cortex decreases in activity, labor can progress naturally, guided by the instinctual wisdom of the body. Meditation helps us tap into this innate wisdom, allowing us to move through labor with grace and ease. By quieting the mind and releasing tension, we create space for the birthing process to unfold naturally.


Harnessing the Power of the Mind-Body Connection


At the heart of hypnobirthing lies the undeniable connection between the brain and the physical body. Through meditation and guided affirmation techniques, we can tap into this interconnectedness. Curious yet? Join my Virtual Mothers Circle to get a taste of what I’m talking about. The results may just blow your mind. 


Here’s a breakdown of the 5 principles of Hypnobirthing


1. Relaxation


  • Facial relaxation, tension in the face can affect the pelvic floor (especially the jaw)
  • Kissing for relaxation and intimacy
  • Rapid relaxation techniques
  • Use letters and the alphabet as focal points 
  • Light touch massage


2. Breathing


  • Calm breathing, focusing on inhaling to a count of 4 and exhaling to 6
  • Surge breathing during contractions, with quick counts of 0-12 or 0-20 to create more space for the baby
  • Birth breathing techniques to replace traditional pushing methods, directing the breath downward and outward

3. Affirmations


  • Understand that our bodies respond to the messages in our brain
  • Use positive language and affirmations, reframing sensations and experiences
  • Replace terms like “contractions” with “surges” or “waves,” and focus on sensations like tightness, pressure, or heaviness rather than pain
  • Manifest powerful messages and shut down the inner critic to reinforce positivity and confidence


4. Visualization


  • Visualize the birthing process as a natural unfolding, like the opening of a rose petal
  • Guide the mind through each stage of labor, visualizing optimal outcomes 


5. Hypnosis


  • Enter a focused state of relaxation to access the subconscious mind
  • Replace fear with positive messages and remove mental filters 
  • Recognize that a significant portion of our minds operates subconsciously, and hypnosis bridges the gap between conscious and subconscious 
  • Condition the mind to align with the birthing experience, leading the body to follow


As we journey through the realms of hypnobirthing, let’s remember that birth is sacred experience. By embracing the principles of relaxation, mindfulness, and empowerment, we pave the way for a birth that is filled with strength, calm, and joy. Hypnobirthing isn’t just about achieving a specific type of birth; it’s about reclaiming our power and trusting in the wisdom of our bodies. 


I’d love to know, which of the 5 principles feels the most beneficial to you? Share in the comments!


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