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A Successful Birth Isn’t About Permission, It’s About Informed Choice

Making informed choices in pregnancy and birth can be empowering, but it can also be overwhelming. There’s a lot of information to take in, and it can be confusing to understand your rights as a mother. I want to clear up some common misconceptions and help guide you to take charge of your birth experience. Your Rights vs. Hospital Policy First, let’s talk about the difference between your legal rights and hospital policy. Here’s the truth: you have the right to full and accurate information about any procedure or intervention suggested to you. You also have the right to refuse

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natural birth

The Benefits of Unmedicated Natural Birth

The Benefits of Natural Birth As a birth coach, I’m here to support your birth choices, whatever they may be. But to make informed decisions, we need to talk about all the options – including the benefits and potential downsides of both medically managed and natural birth. So let’s dive into all your options!  Medically Managed Birth: A Closer Look It’s easy to assume that ‘new’ medical technology, tools, and drugs are making childbirth safer and easier. But the truth is, most advancements haven’t focused on getting babies out safely, but on helping women get pregnant. Don’t get me wrong,

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prenatal care

Empowered Mama: Navigating Prenatal Appointments in Your First Trimester with Confidence

Navigating Prenatal Appointments in Your First Trimester: Congratulations! You just got a positive pregnancy test, and you’re bursting with excitement.  But then reality hits: your doctor wants you to wait 6-12 weeks for your first prenatal visit. Ugh! Hold on a sec, mama. Let’s reframe that wait time as an opportunity to get informed and create a plan for your pregnancy journey.  Here, we’ll delve into the world of prenatal appointments, tests, and even some unexpected surprises you might encounter.    Building a Strong Foundation: The Birth Vision   Before diving into tests, let’s talk about your vision for childbirth.

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