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childbirth education

The Importance of Childbirth Education

I am crazy passionate about shining a light on the incredible impact that evidence-based childbirth education can have, from grassroots movements to big-picture changes in maternity health and advocacy.   Even after almost six decades, the goals of childbirth education haven’t changed much. What’s exciting now is that we have solid research backing up the value of understanding the natural process of labor and birth, along with the practices that support it.    Here are some legit ways that childbirth education can be a game-changer during pregnancy:   Key benefits of Childbirth education (CBE)   Increased Chances of Natural Birth

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Navigating Nausea in Pregnancy: How to Survive Morning Sickness

Dealing with nausea during pregnancy can feel like a rollercoaster, but hang tight, it’s only temporary and your body is incredibly resilient. Give yourself some grace and let’s dive into some game-changing tips to help you tackle that morning sickness.   Finding effective natural remedies for morning sickness can be a game-changer. That’s why I’m thrilled to share my insights and favorite coping strategies with you. Together, we’ll make this journey a little smoother.   Let’s Bust Some Myths and Understand the Science Behind Morning Sickness   Did you know that about 70-80% of pregnant women experience nausea at some

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Embracing Hypnobirthing: A Journey of Mindfulness and Intuition

When I first heard the term “hypnobirthing,” I’ll admit, it sounded a bit.. out there. The idea of sitting cross-legged and chanting “ohms” felt more like a scene from a movie than a practical approach to birth. Not really ‘my thing.’   Until I stumbled upon the evidence – the science behind it all. Whoa! I couldn’t stop reading. It was a black hole of enlightenment. The concept of hypnobirthing and its connection between the mind and body was screaming at me. So, I invite you to keep your mind and your heart open as we explore this hypnobirthing world

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High-risk pregnancy

High-Risk Pregnancy: Dispelling Fear and Embracing Informed Decision-Making

My doctor said I’m “high-risk,” now what?   Before you panic, let’s take a big inhale and allow the anxiety to flow right out with your exhale. Feel a little better? Breathwork is so powerful and just one part in the many ways you can take control of your anxiety. Try these easy breathwork techniques and keep reading to learn more about “high-risk” and how it’s really not so scary! I get it though, when most of us hear the term “risk factor” our brain automatically associates danger and uncertainty. So let’s challenge that perception.    Defining Safety and Risk

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