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Medical Induction

Your Induction is on the Calendar: What Comes Next? Understanding Medically Indicated Inductions

Understanding Medically Indicated Inductions   In case you missed the laundry list of reasons providers have for inducing pregnant moms and discussing the mysteries of the often-debated ARRIVE trial, you can catch up here and here. For todays discussion let’s talk about a topic that might feel overwhelming to gain some confidence and clarity: medically indicated inductions.    Asking the Right Questions   When facing a medically necessary induction knowledge is your superpower. Start by asking questions, beginning with the Bishop’s score. A Bishop’s score is a pre-labor scoring system that gauges your body’s readiness for labor. A cervical exam

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Natural Hospital Birth

Evidence and Hype: Understanding the Motives Behind Labor Induction

Your provider is suggesting an induction toward the end of your pregnancy. So what do you do? You ask, “what’s the rush?”   Before consenting to any intervention, we need to be uber clear on the WHY. Is the reason for an induction an evidence-based one? In other words, is it medically necessary and will it improve outcomes for mother and baby?   Below is a list of common reasons doctors give for inductions, with zero evidence backing them up: Suspected big baby There are plenty of women who have confidently birthed larger-than-average babies without any complications (or tearing). Your

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Labor Induction

Labor Induction: Unraveling the Flaws in the ARRIVE Trial

What exactly is a labor induction? And why is it such a hot-button issue? An induction is an artificial start to labor. It sounds simple enough, but man is it nuanced.   So when does induction become part of the conversation? For a lot of moms, the word induction gets thrown around as they approach the 39-week mark. We can blame a lot of this on the infamous ARRIVE trial, which was conducted by the New England Journal of Medicine in 2018.   What is the ARRIVE trial? A study looked at 6,100 patients and split them into two groups:

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Cervical Checks in Pregnancy

Why Cervical Checks in Pregnancy and Labor Are Unnecessary: Trusting Your Intuition

Cervical checks are something that really irks me. The persistent insistence on cervical checks during labor and pregnancy is an invasive procedure that seems to be a regular on every provider’s checklist lately. More and more, my lovely clients share their experiences of doctors asking for vaginal exams, commonly known as ‘pelvic exams’ or ‘cervical checks,’ weekly towards the end of pregnancy. Supposedly, these checks determine cervical dilation and effacement. The kicker is these exams don’t hold any clinical significance, as proven by milestone studies conducted in 1984. Aside from satisfying curiosity they offer zero health benefits in fact, they

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Focus of Coach Lisa

10 Common Baby Registry Items On My SH*T List

Mommas, don’t make the same baby registry mistakes I did; buying things I thought I needed without researching and ending up with items I didn’t need/use! Register for the things that will help you actually feel supported. Not sure what those things are? Check out my lists below, some of them might surprise you! First let me show you what is on my SH*T LIST… Robot Bassinet  Formula Dispenser High Chair Changing Table   Designer Stroller Bottle Sterilizer Infant Swing Toys Baby Clothes  Baby Monitor    Shocked a little? I was too! Now let’s get into my baby registry HIT LIST,

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