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How To Have A Natural Hospital Birth Secret #1

Of course some birthing people feel most comfortable delivering their baby at home or at a nearby birthing center. Some are even jumping on the free birth train these days. 

But the vast majority of people choose the hospital – over 98% to be exact (Howland, 2019).  Whatever your reasons are for wanting a hospital birth, I support you, judgment free. 

If you’re wondering if you can still give birth naturally in a hospital, the answer is absolutely YES YOU CAN— and preparation is key.

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Natural Hospital Birth

How To Have A Natural Hospital Birth Secret #2

Now we can agree that you need to Gather Your Dream Team – Secret #1. (link to blog post Part 1)

What’s equally as important is to arm yourself with education. The choices that you will make in pregnancy and in birth are yours to live with. If a natural, low intervention birth is what you desire, you must know your options and have the information to back it up.

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